Wednesday, March 2, 2016

DSGMC Form Committee to Give Suggestions For Ban on Jokes Showing Sikhs in Poor Light

New Delhi / 1 March , 2016  

 After the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court to constitute a committee to give suggestions for imposing ban of Jokes showing Sikhs in bad light Manjit Singh G.K. the President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) had constituted a high level committee comprising of five members and the said committee is headed by Justice H.S. Bedi a Retired Judge of the Supreme Court. The directions of Supreme Court few days ago had asked DSGMC to give suggestions in six weeks.

The members of committee are as a follows – Justice Y.M. Iqbal a Retired Judge of the Supreme Court, Pawan Kumar Verma Rajya Sabha Member, M.P. Bejbaruah a Retired IAS officer who worked as Secretary in Government of India, and Dr. Raghubir Singh another retired IAS officer who also worked at the level of Secretary with Government of India.

At the time of constituting high level committee Manjit Singh G.K. appealed to the people specially Sikh Sangat to send their suggestions on a designated email address  uptill 5 March 2016. Manjit Singh G.K. clarified that DSGMC is opposing Jokes showing Sikhs in bad light because some people with low intellect and by writing and circulating these jokes are making racial attacks on not only Sikhs but all the ethnic groups and communities on whom they are writing Jokes and they are doing it to earn money.

Manjit Singh G.K. also said that the DSGMC is not against any particular person but against those who are showing, writing and circulating Jokes showing Sikhs in poor light. He hopes that the five member high powered committee would give its suggestions with in purview of Indian legal system and also keep religious ethos and marayada in mind.  

Manjit Singh G.K. also said that some people were against the decision of DSGMC to oppose these Jokes but the directions from Hon’ble Supreme Court gave strength to the move and it got more support when the school going children belonging to Sikh families who are feeling victimised due to racial Jokes started approaching DSGMC.

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