Friday, January 29, 2016

DSGMC President writes to Defence Minister - lodge Protest for ignoring Sikh regiment in Republic Day Parade

New Delhi / 29-1-2016  The President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh G.K. had protested against disappearance of Sikh regiment contingent from the Republic Day parade this year. G.K. had written a letter to Defense Minister of India Manohar Parrikar as a mark of protest and had said that Sikh regiment has a glorious history and Sikh sentiments are attached to the regiment.

            DSGMC chief clarified that as a citizen of India Indian Army can’t be divided on religious basis, since the Sikhs’ identity is connected to the regiment which has a glorious history and it can’t be ignored. Criticizing the missing of Sikh regiment from the Republic Day parade G.K. raised question that despite the three wings of Defense Services – Army, Air Force and Navy having 30 percent Sikh officers and yet none of the contingents taking part in the Republic Day parade were lead by any Sikh officer.

            DSGMC President further adds that he was not raising the issue of Sikh regiment only because of their identity but because of its magnificent past, its contribution in protecting borders of the country and matchless sacrifices towards the nation and the fact can’t be ignored that it is the most decorated regiments in the Indian Army. Reminding that Sikhs have got special place in the Armies of US, Canada and England because of their courage and patriotic spirit, G.K. called missing of Sikh regiment from the parade as unfortunate and said the turban and a head gear worn by the soldiers inculcates the spirit of patriotism among youth.

            Remembering Former President of the Shiromani Akali Dal Master Tara Singh, G.K. said that said the Sikhs choosing to reject the idea of a separate nation for themselves, has a meaning and it is a well defined fact that they are loyal to the nation where they live. “Sikhs comprise 2 percent of country’s population but their number is 90 percent who laid their lives for the freedom of nation”, G.K. said, saying that Sikh regiment was established by Britishers in 1846 and he told Defense minister they have made great contribution since then.

G.K. said that Sikh regiment fought 1894-95 war with Afgans, fought historic war in 1897 called the War of Saragarhi, World War I and II, Operation Polo of 1948, War with China in 1962, Wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 and Kargil war in 1999 with utmost courage and it an example in itself.“Sikh regiment has got 1652 different Chakkars and Medals which includes 73 war medals, two Param Vir Chakras, 14 Mahavir Chakras, 5 Kirti Chakras, 2 Ashok Chakras, 68 Vir Chakras, 14 Victoria Crosses and was given 21 Indian order of merit awards for War of Saragarhi”, G.K. told Parrikar.  

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