Friday, February 3, 2012

US Sikh body hires lobbying firm after Jay Leno row

WASHINGTON: A Sikh body in the US today announced the hiring of a lobbying firm to educate the American media about the true identity, image and message of Sikhism and the importance of the Golden Temple to the community in the wake of popular TV host Jay Leno's controversial remark that sparked a global outrage. 

"The lobbyists will approach NBC to provide aforum to a panel of Sikh scholars and notables to educate media and American public about the sanctity and sensitivity of the Sri Harmandir Sahib," said Sikh for Justice in a statement. 

The decision comes in the wake of the controversial remarks on the Golden Temple by Leno on the NBC news channel. 

In the programme, the Golden Temple was shown as the summer home of Mitt Romney, the leading Republican presidential candidate. 

with thanks : TOI : link in the headline for detailed news.

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