Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Punjab polls: Clan in mind, border seat votes big

GURU HAR SAHAI (FEROZEPUR): This sleepy assembly segment bordering Pakistan seems to have truly woken up and come out and voted in droves, making it one of the seats that recorded high polling.

One reason behind the record 90% turnout, with total voter population of 1.45 lakh, is being attributed to Sanjha Morcha fielding a Rai Sikh candidate from Guru Har Sahai.

Political observers said the area has a large population of around 30,000 Rai Sikhs and it was after many years that a candidate of this community was in the fray, which helped mobilize large number of voters.

Interestingly, a Rai Sikh candidate, Sajawar Singh, had recorded two wins from this constituency- as in independent in the1985 elections and as a Congress nominee in the 1992 polls.

In 1985, he bagged a vote share of 23.59% of the total 69.60% polled. In 1992, his share rose to 30.86% of the total 62.61% polling.

with thanks : TOI : link in headline for detailed news.

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