Monday, February 27, 2017

Berger Express Painting - T20 Of Painting

In my opinion, one of the most difficult activities in this world is to get your house painted through a local painter. Just call him and ask the charges and he will quote you a price that will usually be three to four times of your budgeted expectations and it will depend absolutely upon your bargaining skills, to bring down the charges to the minimum possible. 

Moreover, if he says that the work will be finished in 7 days, he will actually finish the work in four to five days, and the quality of work will never satisfy you. Be assured that for all these five days of work, you will be just on your toes, for his demand of material at regular intervals.

On the other hand, if you ask your local painter to work on the day to day basis, against a fixed charge every evening, the most likely situation would be that the work to be finished in a seven day period, will not be finished even after 15 days, as he will pretend, that he is the best & a most efficient painter.

In both of the above situations, you will be spending much more on the painting material as well on the labor charges, without any rest as well mental peace. After the departure of labor, you yourself will be too tired and will take leave for a few more days from your office or business, just for taking rest and counting the errors and drawbacks of painting the home.

It was a luck by chance, that we got an invite to attend a meet cum workshop organised by Berger Paint Industries Ltd. It was a great surprise for us, as Berger exhibited the latest & the most advanced techniques of Painting. The term used by them was "Express Painting", and truly it reflected a revolution in the field of Painting of your homes. 

Berger introduced all the latest techniques of painting, i.e. the Dust free cutting edge vacuum suction enabled sanding machines, multipurpose mixer, auto roller, high pressure washer, and the airless paint sprayer machines, for more efficient and better painting with sparkling results. 

Our experience at the workshop revealed, that the best option for painting your home is to just call Berger Paints India Limited on their Toll Free number 1800 103 6030 and a team of professionals will visit you with the latest technology to measure the exact area. They will offer you the Interior as well the Exterior options at no additional cost, i.e. almost at par with your local painter.

The outcome of this “Express Painting” will be, that you will not only get the feel of Silk & magic in your home, but also the saving of almost 40% of your precious time. You will get more efficient and better painting with sparkling results, without any wastage of material with better coverage and smoothness guaranteed. 

Moreover, Berger offers two types of home painting services, for this T20 of Painting, i.e. Gold & Platinum. Platinum services also include the shifting & masking of furniture, clean up, with a one year service warranty, and home insurance, with options to pay in instalments, i.e. by EMI.

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