Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#JetScreen – where entertainment never ends !

Viewing movies, listening music as well as playing games on a Wi-fi network on the Flight mode on my smart phone was a great experience for me. I had to go to Bangalore for a day and a friend told me about the #JetScreen on the Jet Airways flight.

As instructed, I downloaded the Airtime player on my mobile and boarded the flight in the early morning. It was a journey of around two and a half hours and I was really worried that in case #JetScreen was not up to my expectations, I will get bored.

Once in the air, I took my mobile and opened the Airtime player. Clicking on the Access button took me immediately to a Menu that gave me four options. The options were Movies, Music, TV shorts and the Games.

I clicked movies and a submenu opened with various options. I selected a movie and started watching. The video was quite clear. The sound was good. In fact, I had to slow down the volume of my mobile as my Co passenger was in a mood to sleep.

I also tried my hands on the Games section that also offered various options. I was playing various games, one after another, as a small child. Time was also flying, along with me in the plane, and it was not at all boring in any manner. In fact, it was a real entertainment while on-board.

I checked into the music section of the #jetScreen and there too, so many options were available. I listened to different types of songs and music for some time and enjoyed. Lastly, I viewed a few trailers in the TV short section. They looked really good and fun filled.

I was still busy on the #JetScreen when our pilot made the announcement to tighten the belts as we had to land in BangaloreIn the evening I boarded another flight for Delhi with an expectation that this will again offer me the Entertainment. But this time #JetScreen facility was not there. I checked my mobile so many times for the Wi-fi connectivity, but it was not available.

It was a sad feeling as while going to Bangalore, I had really enjoyed the movies and various games. But while moving back it was not available & was quite boring. It became quite difficult for me to pass those two and a half hours of the journey.

Anyhow, I have decided, that now onwards I will catch a flight with #JetScreen only and not otherwise as it is quite entertaining. If you don’t want to get bored while on-board, you too must try a Jet Airways flight with the #JetScreen. Believe me, it will be a great fun and entertainment for you and also for your entire family if moving together.

Please watch the Video ( by Mr B S Vohra ) embedded above for a glimpse of the entertainment that you can get while on-board on a Jet Airways flight. Just remember that entertainment does not stop when you are enjoying #JetScreen on your own device i.e. your smart phone. Please log on to the LINK for more details.

pics with thanks from Jet Airways & #JetScreen

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