Monday, April 18, 2016

DSGMC President's letter to Mrs. Angela Merkel ;Chancellor of Germany

Letter by S. Manjit Singh GK to Mrs. Angela Merkel (best known as the first female chancellor of Germany )

At the outset on behalf of the Sikhs and well wishers of Germany,I convey my heartfelt regret  to the people and residents of Germany for the trauma they faced due to the alleged bomb explosion at Gurudwara Nanaksar (Sikh Temple), Essen yesterday evening which injured three fellow Sikhs as well.Sikhs widely advocate for humanity, mankind,peace,and prosperity and strongly disapprove any such disgruntled activities including extreme fanaticism. The alleged bomb explosion has resulted in huge displeasure and cause of concern for Sikhs living across the world as earlier they have been victim of mistaken identity and I hope the same doesn’t repeat  in Germany.

I want to assure you and the people living in Germany,Sikhs always aspire and strive for welfare and prosperity for the nation wherever they are living and in particular Germany has been home to a large of number of Sikh Community, which has always promoted strong India Germany relations.We request your office to direct the appropriate authority to conduct a full proof investigation and justified action be taken at the earliest in order to restore the confidence and safety of Sikhs living in Germany.

With Thanks ,

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