Friday, September 18, 2015

Stand-up-comedy – a great initiative of

Seen dozens and dozens of comedians, many even face to face, but this  Stand-up-comedy  section at has made me think about them differently. It’s a great website that has clubbed almost every aspect related to the stand up comedy at a single point.

A great effort that will make you enjoy as you can know and understand about the comedians worldwide. You can view the performances of all the great comedians who had the guts to do the standupcomedy in front of those who don’t even want to smile.

It’s difficult to make someone laugh and it’s much more difficult to make them laugh repeatedly as most of those sitting in front rows are always the new faces. The site has done a great Research on the comedians and presented them in the best possible manner.

We can see the great performances of our Indian artists on this web link. I could find all the known faces on the website that included Mahmood saab to Kapil sharma, Johny Walker to Johny lever. It also covered the great comedy series that did a great job of making others laugh in the early days.

We can view the great performances of the Top ten comedians worldwide. I could view Charlie Chaplin to Jim Carrey on the website and enjoyed a lot.

It neatly tells us about the life through the eyes of Stand up comedians worldwide. How they felt, how they performed, how they reacted to questions being asked of them. Even though it’s the great interactive art of making others laugh while avoiding own critics, but it’s a pity that almost all of them are generally underpaid, except the few big names who have reached to the top and in a position to dictate their own terms.

A must visit website and I am sure you will just stick to it. Please log on to the : if you want to understand and enjoy the term Comedian or a Stand up comedy. I am sure that this Stand-up-comedy section at will make you think about the Stand up comedians in a different way. The website covers Standupcomedy, Parties, Nightlife, Drinks, Lifestyle, Music and a lot more.

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