Saturday, August 22, 2015

Removal of inscription of the Mool Mantra from the stairs of Yogacentre Hoheluft in Hamburg,Germany

Inscription of the Mool Mantra was removed from the stairs of Yogacentre Hoheluft in Hamburg,Germany by construction workers.

Five members of the Indian Gurdwara in Hamburg were present for this process.
An Ardas ( Prayer) was made before the process started and the stone, that was burned off the stairs was respectfully processed by the members of the Gurdwara afterwards.

Yogacentre Hoheluft while conveying their apology thanked to Gurdwara members for pointing out the rule prohibiting Gurbani on floors of which  yogacentre members were not aware.
They made it very clear, that they did not mean any disrespect to the Mool Mantra or any hurt to the sentiments of  fellow Sikhs.

"On the contrary we wished for our students to be inspired and uplifted by the Mool Mantra as they entered our Yogacentre.Now we understand that this was completely inappropriate.We will not repeat this mistake.We feel the love of the Guru as much as anybody else does ".

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