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DSGMC president for resolving panthic /Community issues within constitutional framework

DSGMC president for resolving panthic /Community issues within constitutional framework
New Delhi/17-10-2014
The President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh GK terming his ten days visit to Canada (which concluded on Sunday) as most successful, said that Shiromani Akali Dal would continue its fight for the rights of Sikhs living in the foreign countries within the legal and constitutional framework.

On being questioned, whether he endorse the idea of Khalistan, Manjit Singh GK replied that he is a proud Indian and take pride in the fact that Sikhs contributed in a large manner for the independence of India and the very facts is that country belongs to Sikhs. 

Our Gurus led the lives for universal brotherhood and communal harmony and fought for not only own rights but the rights of society at large irrespective of colour, creed and race. We must follow them,” he suggested.

“Sikhs are a martial community and nationalists, we fight for poor and the downtrodden,” Manjit Singh GK had told the Sikhs who met him in Canada reaffirming that DSGMC is completely dedicated to the Sikh ethos and traditions.

GK said that he replied to the questions of Canadian Sikhs on the basis of facts and made it clear that the wrong impressions about Shiromani Akali Dal and DSGMC among their minds were clarified as they were without basis.

Informing about the award ‘Human Rights Award Canada’ conferred on him, by ‘Save Professor Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar defence committee’, DSGMC president informed that Bhullar’s wife, Navneet Kaur Bhullar spoke in the program praising efforts of DSGMC. With the words of Navneet Kaur Sikhs in Canada realized the efforts made by the DSGMC and its president.

Manjit Singh GK also told the Canadian Sikhs that sitting in foreign countries and making adverse impressions is easy but working within frame work of a country takes time to fetch positive results. “This fight must continue for the Sikh Panth,” announced DSGMC president.
Manjit Singh GK called upon the Sikhs living in foreign countries to give a united fight for removing names of Sikhs from the Black list of Ministry of Home affairs, Indian visas to the Sikh families living in foreign countries, stopping racial attacks on the Sikhs living in foreign countries.
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