Thursday, July 3, 2014

UK Sikhs reassure WA parents concerned over a pupil carrying a religious blade to school

A Sikh Kirpan, which is similar in size and shape to what is currently being worn by a Pe

BRITISH experts have moved to reassure WA parents concerned by a Perth pupil being given permission to carry a ceremonial blade to school for religious reasons.
Sikh children have been carrying Kirpans in UK schools for the past 50 years – and there has never been a single incident, The Sikh Federation (UK) says.
The comments came after a representative from Perth’s Sikh community addressed the parents and citizens committee at the public primary school last night about the significance of the Kirpan.
The ceremonial blunt blade, which is only 5cm long in this particular case, is one of five religious articles that must be worn by initiated Sikhs.
A spokesman for The Sikh Federation (UK) told PerthNow that WA parents have “nothing to fear”.
“The fact that there has not been a single case in a school in the UK for the last 50 years involving the Kirpan demonstrates parents of non-Sikh children have nothing to fear,” he said.
“We suspect there are incidents in Australian schools every week that involve some form of violence and possibly the use of weapons so this needs to be put into context.
“Sikh children have probably been wearing Kirpans in UK schools for up to 50 years.
“We estimate there may now be as many as 10-15,000 Sikh children in the UK who are practising (Amritdhari) Sikhs in schools.
“The Department for Education some 10-12 years ago gave specific guidance to schools pointing out practising (Amritdhari) Sikh children in schools were allowed to wear the Kirpan and teachers denying Sikhs this right could be prosecuted for discrimination under UK law.”

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