Monday, March 31, 2014

Central San Joaquin Valley Sikhs call for end to bullying

You are from an Arab country -- go back. Terrorist. You don't belong in this country.
And the hurtful actions: A shaving razor thrown at a Sikh boy who has a long beard, a rock thrown at a Sikh girl in her traditional dress.
These are all things that have been said and done to Sikh children in the central San Joaquin Valley, leaders of the Sikh Council of Central California said Saturday.
During one of their council meetings Saturday in Selma, about 20 Sikh leaders talked about the bullying of Sikh children at school.
The catalyst for the discussion was a report issued earlier this month titled "Go Home, Terrorist,"written by the Sikh Coalition. The coalition, created after 9/11 when Sikhs experienced violence and discrimination,works toward civil and human rights for all.
The report outlines the findings of surveys given to Sikh children in Fresno County and three U.S. cities in 2012 and 2013.
Of the four areas surveyed, the report shows Fresno County has the highest percentage -- 51% -- of Sikh students who said schools didn't take any action after they reported bullying, and the second-highest percentage -- 54.5% -- of Sikh students who said they had been bullied.
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