Friday, December 20, 2013


                                        Waris Ahluwalia for Gap 2013
GAP’s new Ad campaign ‘More Love’ presented themselves with a Sikh man ( Mr Waris Ahluwalia who is an actor, model and business entrepreneur ) wearing a black turban who also had a profoundly beautiful long beard.

Mr Pardeep Singh Bahra, introduced a fashion blog "Singh Street Style" that features stylish Sikh men wearing different colours and styles of turbans matching their outfits.As a founder of the blog ,He has not only established and developed the blog gradually, but also provided a chance to Sikh models to represent sikh religion at International level with their entry in the fashion Industry. He had his work featured on MSN ,The Guardian and Vogue

        Pardeep Singh Bahra of "Singh Street Style"

Jatinder Durhailay was also the first Sikh featured on 'Singh Street Style'. He has modelled for various prestigious different projects, such as GQ, Topman, Asos, Levis and recently Louis Vuitton.. He was featured on the front page of the financial times modelling for the new Louis Vuitton campaign.
            Jatinder Durhailay for Louis Vuitton 2013

Many religious aspects are used in fashion to make it seem more acceptable and welcoming for customers to buy.Introducing the Turban in fashion Industry is an outstanding act which further helps value equality. Once again fashion has shown us that being stylish is nothing more than expression.

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