Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thousands from Europe converge at Geneva for 'genocide' petition

GENEVA: The Justice Rally held in front of the UN office in Geneva witnessed mammoth participation of Sikhs from across Europe, and even the US and Canada. Those coming from European countries travelled in specially hired buses and their journey ranged from 5 hours to 20, depending on their place of starting the trip.
Around hundred Sikhs travelled down to the rally site in two buses. As their journey took 12 hours, they brought along their langar (food). Baljit Singh Dhesi, who led the contingent, said they started on Thursday night and claimed that there was great enthusiasm in the people to participate in the rally. Several women also attended in the rally. As there are estimated to be less than 500 Sikhs in Switzerland and very few in Geneva, for the locals it was a novel thing -- to see so many turbaned Sikhs in front of the UN office. "I have seen few rallies of this size here," remarked a journalist of a local newspaper while trying to get to the depth of the issue and purpose of the rally.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK : for detailed news.

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