Friday, July 12, 2013

Turbaned Sikh men take their fashion to the streets

The Singh Street Style blog aims to put Sikh chic on the map and show that wearing a turban doesn't stop people from being creative and individual with their fashion sense
Sikh men pose for the Singh style blog
'I wanted to show that Sikh turbaned men can be just as fashionable as anyone else' Photograph: Single Style Blog
Growing up as a teenager in Essex, Pardeep Singh Bahra often found he attracted the wrong kind of attention on the streets. "I found it quite difficult wearing the turban, especially in an area where there weren't many Sikhs," the 22-year-old explains. As Bahra grew older, and developed a love of style, he noticed that it wasn't just on the streets of Essex that his turban was an anomaly.
"I quickly realised that none of the fashion sites I looked at ever featured a turbaned Sikh man," he says. "I wanted to give the turbaned Sikh man a fair representation within the fashion world, and also show the blend of British and Sikh identities together. I wanted to show that Sikh turbaned men can be just as fashionable as anyone else." Three months ago, Bahra launched Singh Street Style.
Bahra started the blog by taking photos of people he happened to walk past in central London who stood out not just because their sense of personal style but also the way they wore their turban. "I just stop and go up to them and tell them about my blog. I tell them I like their style, and ask if they wouldn't mind having their photo taken for the site," he explains. "Most people are up for it."
He also takes photos of his friends, and often blog followers email him suggesting people whose style they think will fit in with the site to photograph too. Bahra has since photographed Jatinder Singh, a Sikh model who has done work for Topman and GQ wearing elaborate turbans; and Madhu Singh, from the dance duo Signature (known for their Michael Jackson bhangra dance routines for Britain's Got Talent).
Mostly, he relies on social media to reach out and keep finding stylish Sikh men to keep the blog going (he has more than 4,200 "likes" on his Facebook page and nearly 9,000 followers on Instagram).
Hakam, a 20-year-old optometry studentHakam, a 20-year-old optometry student, as photographed by Pardeep Singh Bahra Photograph: Pardeep Singh Bahra
Hakam, a 20-year-old optometry student, was one of the first people Bahra photographed – he wears ankle-skimming, skinny black jeans with lime green socks, brown brogues and a purple parka with a white turban. Elsewhere, Gurj, a 25-year-old accountant, wears a fitted grey blazer and white shirt with Sikh prayer beads around his neck.

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