Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fund the Fourth Annual SikhNet Youth Film Festival

Once again this year SikhNet is holding its Annual Sikh Youth Film Festival. This is a unique opportunity for Sikh Youth to express their creativity and originality, win valuable prizes and have their original films seen by thousands of people around the world.But even if you are an adult, it's a great opportunity for you as well!

You can show your support for our Sikh Youth, encourage them, honor their creativity and help the budding filmmakers and video pioneers of tomorrow fulfil their destiny.
SikhNet needs sponsors for the Film Festival

When you become a Film Festival Sponsor your company or organization will be recognized with your sponsorship banners not only on SikhNet, but on our whole SikhNet family of websites including,, and You can even have your company or organization's logo inserted at the beginning of EVERY video shown during this year's Film Festival. Your sponsorship recognition will remain on the videos through the years as people continue to watch them both online and on television as well! Some Film Festival videos have been seen tens of thousands of times!

SikhNet needs your help right now to fund the Fourth Annual SikhNet Youth Film Festival. Sponsorship offers you a unique opportunity to support SikhNet and all of the the Sikh youth who are entering the competition. In addition you or your company will be recognized with gratitude all over the world by tens of thousands of SikhNet visitors.

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