Saturday, July 2, 2016

DSGMC President Manjit Singh G.K.:"Udta Punjab "Movie Defames Sikhs

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management (DSGMC) President Manjit Singh G.K.alleged that Hindi movie "Udta Punjab' has shown Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular in a bad light and has put a question mark on the hardworking and patriot community. G.K. said that this has been conveyed to him by the Sikh and Punjabi intellectuals and thinkers who have seen the movie.

G.K. said that he had to seen the movie but had met a large number of viewers who have seen it and has said that the movie in a very subtle manner has attacked the image of the Sikhs.

G.K. reiterated that abusive dialogues have shown Punjabi culture and Sikhs in a bad light, because of which, he raised apprehension that non Punjabis would make a negative impression about Punjabis in general particularly the Sikhs.

He added that in a well thought about plan, a Sikh officer has been shown as involving a lead actress of the movie Alia Bhat in gang rape on number of occasions, and these scenes have no meaning in the movie and have been just imposed in the movie’s plot. This is done with the intention to create hatred towards Sikhs. Sikhs are a community of saviours who help the helpless, they are patriots who fight for the motherland, they are truthful, secular, hardworking, and respect dignity of women but this movie has shown opposite of that showing them as a looter and rapist.
G.K. raised serious objections on recital of Rehraas sahib path in the movie in the morning which is wrong as, as per Sikhs tenets  it is recited in morning. He also said comparing Punjab to Mexico, showing Sikhs as addicts, a patit Sikh in main lead role in the movie is named Tommy, a female doctor fighting against drugs getting killed by a Sikh, and a scene showing mother refusing to give money for drug killed by her son, are all showing Sikhs in poor light, and are causing insults to the Sikhs and have no truth in reality.
According to G.K. dialogues spoken by lead female actress who have been shown as coming to Punjab from Bihar in search of job, are imposing insult on Punjabis. “It is further derogatory that she is saying in the movie that she had started smoking cigarettes on coming to Punjab, which is ridiculous, and shows sick mentality and lack of knowledge of the movie maker about Punjab”, said G.K.

G.K. adds that the movie is silent about the cause of flow of drugs into Punjab. “Earlier the directors and producers of Hindi movie industry of our country have shown Sikhs as extremists and terrorists and now as drug addicts, which is not a good trend”, added G.K.

DSGMC President adds that support to this movie by a few organisations are playing petty politics and only defaming Punjab and Sikhs. Punjab’s farmers and youth still produce maximum food grains in the country which fed the entire country and the national hockey team has most of the players from Punjab, but a handful of people can’t digest their growth and prosperity, he added. He appealed to the Sikhs and Punjabis that such films which defame them should not be supported. 
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