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DSGMC demand from Govt.of India for withdrawing security cover of anti Sikh genocide perpetrators

DSGMC demand from GOI for withdrawing security cover of anti Sikh genocide perpetrators Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler
New Delhi / 18 – 11 - 2014
Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) President Manjit Singh GK today raised demand from the Government of India for withdrawing security cover given to the leaders of congress party Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar who were responsible for perpetrating anti-Sikh genocide of 1984 which led to death of thousands of innocent Sikhs.  

These leaders are enjoying security cover since days of previous regime led by Congress party ruling the Government of India to show the investigating agencies that these two leaders should be protected and their interest should not be harmed, said  Manjit Singh GK.
“All these years Sajjan and Tytler continue to enjoy all the facilities of the Congress party government including the security cover. They were given prominent positions but now with BJP taking over the Government of India, a time has come when these leaders be punished according to the laid procedure of law and their security be withdrawn so that a message be sent to the Sikhs community that the present government is conscious about their issues,” demanded Manjit Singh GK.
GK said that security cover to these two leaders is a hindrance in delivery of justice to Sikh families who are victims of anti Sikh genocide as both Sajjan and Tytler have been using their security men to intimidate the witnesses who are very important in deciding cases against them.
GK said a number of meetings have taken place with the ministers of the BJP led Government of India including minister of home affairs Rajnath Singh. “Sikhs have high hopes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he would resolve all issues related to the Sikhs which are pending for many years,” said GK.
GK, also president of Shiromani Akali Dal in Delhi, said in number of meetings with the ministers of government of India it was demanded to file charge against Sajjan Kumar in a case registered in Nangloi police station, setting up of a special investigation team (SIT) to investigate all cases of genocide and rehabilitation of victim families. “Response from the government on all these issues is awaited,” said GK.
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