Thursday, August 1, 2013

Save rights of Kutch farmers who migrated from Punjab, DSGMC president Manjit Singh GK

Manjit Singh GK Appeal to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to restore rights of farmers who contributed to turn Kutch area into prosperous cotton belt

New Delhi: President of Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi State Manjit Singh GK on today demanded from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi not to oust over 5000 families indulging in farming for past three generations since mid-1960s in Naliya tehsil of Kutch area of Gujarat.

“He is aspiring for the post of prime ministership and there should be the efforts to unite people and make their living peaceful and easy wherever they are living in the country,” Manjit Singh GK appealed to Modi addressing a press conference.

In 2010 the local authorities of Kutch-Bhuj area freezed land of the farmers who migrated from Punjab in 1960s and most of them Sikhs, by terming them par-pravasi(outsiders) quoting provisions of Bombay-Vidharbha Tenancy Act of 1960.

“It is shocking that the Gujarat government, despite having lost the case in the High Court of Gujarat have moved Supreme Court filing an appeal. I want to convey to Narendra Modi to ask his officers not to pursue the case in Supreme Court case against the hardworking farmers,” further said Manjit Singh Gk whom the farmers’ families met last week.

DSGMC General Secretary of DSGMC Manjinder Singh Sirsa who also accompanied Manjit Singh GK in the press conference asked Narendra Modi to be a statesman, especially when BJP is looking towards him to lead the country as prime minister after forthcoming parliament elections.

“On April 4, 1973 revenue department of Gujarat government issued a notification that farmer’s from outside can’t buy land in Gujarat. But these farmers’ families of Naliya Tehsil had bought land much before the notification,” adds Sirsa further pointing that the farmers have purchased land through sale deeds and have genuine ownership rights, which can’t be denied by any law of the land. “They are Gujaratis now, and the state government can’t deny them rights,” further added Sirsa.

Further speaking on the occasion Manjit Singh GK said that Narendra Modi is a senior and seasoned leader and he should see all the people in country as one, and should not let the officials of his state differentiate and discriminate between two persons with different originality.

“These farmers have contributed a lot for Gujarat, with their sheer hard work have turned the barren land into a fertile soil and a have acted as catalyst to make the region as cotton hub by growing best quality cotton,” said Manjit Singh adding that it was on the insistence of then prime minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri who wanted Punjabis to settle here and make borders along Pakistan habitable, farmers from Amritsar, Bathinda, Ferozpur, Faridkot and Hisar migrated to Kutch.

Pertinently the case is listed in Supreme Court on August 27 later this month. Assuring all help to the Gujarat farmers, Manjit Singh Gk said that incase the farmers don’t get respite from the Gujarat government they would get justice in the Supreme Court as a bench of High Court in Gujarat have given judgement in favour of farmers.

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