Top 5 Sikh Blogs

We are pleased to inform that SikhsIndia Blog is now amongst the TOP 5 SIKH BLOGS worldwide. Please read the news as below :

Top 5 Sikh Blogs

There are dozens of blogs related to Sikhism and Sikh issues on the internet, but most are not updated. To assist you in your search in finding knowledgeable, insightful and educational Sikhism blogs, we have put this top 5 list together. These blogs have have a variety of focuses, from daily experiences as a practicing Sikh to Gatka, the martial arts of Sikhism. The top 5 Sikhism blogs (in no specific order) are:

1. The Langar Hall
The Langar Hall is a space dedicated to the experiences, reflections, and interests of a diverse group of young individuals tied together by our common and varied identities as Sikhs in the diaspora.

2. Mr Sikh Net
Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa is a Sikh of non-Asian origin and Mr Sikh Net is an online journal that shares his and his families experiences, thoughts, local sangat and how they live as Sikhs.

3. Sikhi Wiki
A web based encyclopedia of the Sikh Way of Life written collaboratively by many of its readers.  Many people are constantly improving SikhiWIKI, by constantly making changes. Although this is more of a wiki than a blog, we thought this should be included in any list regarding Sikhism.

4. SikhsIndia
The SikhsIndia blog is a great resource for news and updates on the worldwide Sikh communities. It also has a great number of photo galleries from various Sikh community events, adding some bright and joyous color.

5.  Spirit of the Sikh
Every Sikh has their story to tell and Spirit of Sikh shares this blogger’s experience in a very poetic and spiritual way. It is a collection of thoughts and reflections as the blogger journey’s on this path with the Guru. In these essays, poems, and random thoughts – the Spirit of Sikh blogger hopes to learn more about them-self, learn more about their Guru, and strengthen the bond between the two.

Other blogs we found insightful and interesting are:
American Turban
Martial Art Gatka

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