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Sikh Personality Mr. Prabhjot Singh Jassi : Dynamic Youth Icon


                        Mr. Prabhjot Singh Jassi 

Mr. Prabhjot Singh Jassi holds the position of the treasurer in Governing Body of  Delhi University's renowned Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College,Dev Nagar. 

     Governing Body Members 2022-2023 ,Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College


He is a talented young man who has the necessary skills to lead and direct the team at all times. Despite his youth, he managed to not only become the college's treasurer but also establish himself among some of the most dependable and recognised as passive infrastructure providers in the telecommunications sector and a Real Estate Developer in Delhi NCR.




       Annual Day Award Ceremony ,28th April 2023  ,SGND Khalsa College  



                            Alumni Meet, 30th April 2023 ,SGND Khalsa College

Mr.Jassi makes decisions with absolute certainty and affirmation whether managing his business or serving as the college treasurer.

           Mr. Prabhjot Singh Jassi with Prof.Gurmohinder Singh and Prof.Payal Mago

His philosophy Mantra is that success not, merely, achieved by dreaming big or thinking large; but comes with full commitment, determination to one's job. Therefore, he affirms that we should not hesitate in putting in sincere efforts to achieve our life goals. Only by working hard one can succeed in his endeavors. Moreover, he is of the view that taking shortcuts in life will be more detrimental than helpful in achieving life objectives.

With his great managerial skills,principles and hard-working nature; he has become an inspiration for contemporary youth. His kind hearted and helpful nature work as the icing on the cake.

The central philosophy of Mr..Prabhjot Singh Jassi life is based on practicing three golden laws of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Naam Japna  (receiting God’s Name),Kirat Karna (earn an honest living and Vand Chakana ( Sharing with others).

He is fully convinced that whatever he has achieved in life;it is with the grace and blessings of the eternal Guru "Sri Guru Granth Sahib". His humble submission & motto is "Inhi Ki Kirpa Ke Saje Hum Hai". He always remembers the existence of  Akal Purakh (Almighty).

Dr.Gurdeep kaur

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